Do you understand what I'm feel right now ? DO YOU ?
CONFUSING . So confuseeee ! Nak balik today or tomorrow ?
I'm feel so guilty if I back to the school tomorrow . If today ?
Lagilaa taknak ! 90% Mrsm AG students nak balik esok.
Please give me an idea . 
Tapi , nak cerita something about my CRUSH  .
I gave him a COTTON CANDY 
a.k.a gula2 kapas . PPSP akan bagikan
dekat siapa yg kita nak bagi . Yup ! I give it to him !
I hope he will enjoy and appreciate my gift . I HOPE .
This what I wannaa say to my Crush .

I'm sure that you don't know my name .
He's so handsome and a kind boy . He looks tough you know ?
But I know he already has someone in his life . 
Someone who is better than me .
Someone who is caring and cute person .
Very different with me . VERY ! 
#TOUCHED with this statement . 
Yeah , I'm waiting for something that
won't happen . 
Okay , tutup topic about my crush .
Open new story about EXAM .
EXAM ? Wooowooo . 
Memang scary gilaa . Only 2 weeks left
for the Final Examination Sem 1 .
Tah2 tak sampai 2 weeks .
Many topics we that have to be covered .
MANY ! MANY ! grrrrr -.-
Please pray for me :)
Wish me luck . Sayonara !